My name is Mihai Popa, I’m 33 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania. First, I want to tell you that I’m a funny, optimistic and creative person. My colleagues and friends would say that I’m a professionist with a nice personality…And modest, of course 🙂


They say everything begin with passion. So, this my story too.

This passion for art and photography was born in my childhood and grew with me, year by year.

I remember that my first events as a fotographer were my friends weddings. And somehow, I knew it that this is my road. I had my vision. And I wanted to become an image expert, to learn everything, so I studied and I took my degree at Ilbah School in 2017.

My vision says: „Forward” because I never stop learning and I always want to now what is in trend, what’s new, so people can get the best advice, equipment and results.

I deliver emotion and joy and this is my purpose.

In present, I have over 100 photo-video events (weddings, engagements, Trash the dress, baptisms, beauty session, family portraits, corporate campaigns, real estates projects etc.).

You want to feel again the happiness, beauty and emotions of your special day, every time you see the photos or watch the video. That’s why I’m besides you from the very first call, being 100% involved in all the process.

„Train the customer so he can be a king/queen”.

My philosophy is very simple: treat your client as you would like to be treated. I want the best for my clients. When I founded MIPO IMAGE I wanted to offer best quality for the money, so when is necessary, I make partnerships with other experts (photographers, videographers, MUA, hair stylists) for great results.

As i was saying, I love to learn and become better in what I’m doing.